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About NuPak Medical, Ltd.

NuPak Medical, Ltd., click here to zoom in.Founded in 1997 by medical device entrepreneurs, the mission of NuPak Medical, Ltd. is to provide a single point of contact to its customer base through all phases of product discovery, development and delivery. NuPak’s capabilities begin in the prototype stage and extend through the manufacturing of finished, sterile, ready-to-sell product.

Click here for larger group photo!We understand the many complexities of introducing and manufacturing a medical device in today’s captivated and competitive medical device marketplace. Our desire is to minimize the manufacturing challenges inherent in the medical device industry in order for our customers to focus their resources on reaching and capturing their chosen market. We have specific expertise in working with start-up device companies through the FDA and CE regulatory process into full production.

The following pages describe in detail the contract manufacturing services we provide. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to receive a quotation on your next contract manufacturing requirement.

Best regards,

C. Curtis Freeman
Senior Partner
NuPak Medical, Ltd.

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