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Injection Molding

Click to zoom in!San Antonio-based NuPak Medical, Ltd. offers controlled access thermo-plastic injection molding capability in addition to its already broad array of EN 13485:203 certified contract medical device services.

NuPak's technical staff has over nineteen years of experience, and brings a scientific approach to injection molding to every customer. According to Bret Price, Molding Manager, "If we were molding dog food bowls or cracker jack toys, the standard 'knob-turning' approach to processing would be adequate, but we're molding highly complex, close tolerance products for medical OEMs. This type of molding requires a thorough understanding of how polymers behave on a molecular level in order to manipulate that behavior to achieve the desired outcome. Without this knowledge, the process of determining whether a problem is tooling or process-related is a costly exercise in futility. At NuPak, we have the knowledge and the hands-on expertise to apply it."

This scientific approach to injection molding works in favor of NuPak's customers. By using benchmarking techniques in conjunction with our polymer expertise we can systematically pin-point root causes of problems and not just chase symptoms. This systematic approach has not only allowed us to achieve significant cycle reductions, but has been instrumental in achieving reductions of down-stream rejects from over 25% to under 1% on problem takeover molds. Day in and day out, we are doing things that other molders have said can't be done.

NuPak's equipment is state-of-the-art, featuring Cincinnati Milacron RoboShot equipment. The press is housed within a controlled access environment, with all auxiliary equipment located outside, to ensure particulate-free production.

"With our all-electric equipment, hydraulic leaks in the production area are a thing of the past, " says David Cocke, General Manager.

The RoboShot uses CNC controls, the same type of controls used to make sophisticated high precision molds. This control translates to a level of shot to shot repeatability that is just not possible with hydraulic machines.

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